Pollution frequently contributes more to Emphasize Disadvantages of Modern World

In modern life, all we know about is just the advantages of advanced technology without any concern of what has left behind. As we can see, for some decades, the movement of technology has rapidly grown up. Basically began from light technology that seemed to provide no pollution at that time. But today’s world does not feel good as it used to. It is now worse because of the pollution along the days on. This has happened due to the fact that the advancement of technology grows vertically along a certain period. Within living in this age, globalization is the main course of why the pollution level has been increasing. Nowadays, the effect coming from is increasing such as global warming, lack of sanitations, and unpleasant sightings. This could happen when the pollution keeps on moving in no attention to move.

As the fact that the pollution is spreading out, the most valuable thing as issue has been global warming. This kind of issue has been approached by the fact of pollution made by human. As we call The Global Warming is the result of being treated with mostly air pollution. The air pollution comes to happen when carbon emission value is over the limited numbers at barrier. As effect, the carbon emission forms a reactant into what we know as green house effect, which is a name of effect that is formed by unreleased carbon emission into outer space. Shortly, the earth temperature does not go lower due to the several gases maintain the preservation of carbon emission. There is something else that definitely contributes the increasing temperature; it is leads that are provided by vehicle exhaust system. This chemical substance contains NO3 that also brings more harm than good in sharing technology of machinery.

According to data of those that explain sanitation is currently down, we ultimately can include disease as secondary factor after sanitation discouragement by pollution. Another direct effect that is earned by pollution is having less of hygienic water, which supports us to live our life. Basically directed from less of consuming hygienic water, people are unable to provide their own appropriate living for healthiness in their physical society so that life demand of hygienic water goes down. Living up to current world conditions, there has been almost difficult to find clean air as the pollution also gives production into the air. This causes us to hardly breathe fresh air in some tight areas of factories due to their emission. Pollution also mostly kills the preservation of natural plantation organizations through its reactant process to complete, which passes plants chemical process.

Pollution also breaks up the esthetic side of social enjoyment. During the waste of pollution that collides our environment, common people complaints speak that modern world is lack of beautiful scenery because the pollution destroys some part of them. This makes the spot people prefer not complete. This leads people to avoid living naturally as the nature has eventually been polluted. This also brings people to create their own life with their creativity though the ultimate challenge might be fighting against their struggle to it.

As we can see nowadays, there is a lot of advanced technology that human has made. Its era is called The Modern World. The Modern world has not only built advantages in living but also disadvantage ones. This should remind us to live more wisely that even though the modern life leaves out many kinds of advantages, we should take a look at our environment to make clear that behind the advantages, it grows other bad effects on it. We should develop our knowledge to preserve this earth living for better for our next generation so that they will not say curse for us that what we break now. How can it stay longer in balance if we do not understand the way to keep it on? We understand how to build things that supposedly bring harm but we do not understand how to reduce it. This should have been a lesson for us to make ourselves better.

BY: Wahyu Mardiarto


4 thoughts on “Pollution frequently contributes more to Emphasize Disadvantages of Modern World

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    • Well,actually I just want to give a care to our dying planet…All I wrote was just what I want to assist anybody to contribute their hands to caring. I always hope in any means everybody starts to rethink of what’s going on. Pollute water, air pollution, and on; are the same case…By human of course..
      Actually, this article was my submitted assignment. I like writing concerning with global issues..
      Yeah…I always expect any small warnings will bring much better change to our lives and to our planet….

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