Bad Sunday!!

Today, Sunday October 14th, was really bad day. As my normal activity on Sunday, I wake up early in the morning to prepare up  for cycling down to Probolinggo with her. But, odds just fell in. I woke up unusually at 5, that means late. I wake up right at 4 as usual. I got up in hurry to bathroom to take bath, nothing as meal first thing. i just grabbed my bike and rolled on the pedal at unusual speed. I increased the speed as possible as I could. In fact, I degraded myself. Anyway, I might take the ride as my legs were able to. Right on my route, I was hyperventilating. Once I hit the major road to Probolinggo, I went follow behind a huge truck tail at moderate speed, which could’ve been over 45 km/h but I had to reserve my energy for back up home. So, I turned down the speed to around 35 km/h by letting the truck head ahead. With racing breath, I gave up; considering my bike design which is prior to cross country riding, it’s not designed for speed so I clocked to moderate speed through the street till I arrived in her house.

She had been waiting for a time. She was a bit disappointed. Normally, in this, I usually have a break moment to take down my racing breath in her house, but it didn’t happen today. Once I arrived in her house, she said to me to ride straight. On the other side, my stomach didn’t feel good. On the way, I was a bit in sorrow. I dropped into a retailer to get some water to refresh my throat. It was so hot more than I do usually. Then, we drop by at town square and next to harbor. That time, I was very starving. Damn!!!!!!!!!! So I invited her to have a breakfast with “Sego Jagung”. We got it at town square. The town square was always crowded by people, especially in the morning on Sunday. We were back to her house and had the breakfast. Once I was done with it, oh…man… stomach was unbearable. you know what I mean,right?

After I did some breaking, I decided to go home cycling. I had to run off 27 kms home. It was 9 o’clock. It gotta be very hot. After consuming 5 kms, my left knee just got hurt. I couldn’t bring the bike fast ride. In the street, I was hoping to arrive home as soon as possible cause my knee couldn’t push the pedal hard, only hope. And finally I arrived home. It took 2 hours for me to arrive home under the frying sun.


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